We have prepared a new website for you, which is not only more modern, but offers a lot of new things and serves as a source of information for planting.

We have established a new category “good to know”, where we will share our rich experience and experience of our customers so the plant cultivation will be a pleasure. We will talk about sprouting, cuttings, diseases, pests, nutrient deficiency, watering, light, ventilation, preservation of genetics and more. Visit us and we will surprise you with new content.

It should be noted that in the category we take Austrian legislation into account, which allows us to share information on growing plants in the growing phase, while we will not talk about the cultivation of (hemp) plants during the flowering period or for the purpose of producing illicit drugs. We are also unable to share this information with you in our store. Thank you for your understanding.

We are committed to maintaining genetics, we strive for an organic approach that minimizes the environment impact and offers you strong and healthy plants.

Thanks for being with us!