PH- and PH + to regulate the acidity of the medium

It is used to balance PH value of fertilizer for soil, coco, hydroponic and all other systems


Dutch Formula PH-
PH-Grow 1l (nitric acid 38%) – 7,3 € (included 20% MwSt)
PH-Bloom 0.5L (phosphoric acid 59%) – 4.9 € (included 20% MwSt)
PH-Bloom 1l (phosphoric acid 59%) – 8,3 € (included 20% MwSt)
Consumption: a few milliliters per 10 liters of water. Try PH meter!

Necessity: extremely important, except for 100% natural cultivation of plants

PH- (growth / flower) and PH + are used to balance the pH of the medium in which you grow. The balanced value allows good absorption of individual nutrients and micro and macro-elements. If the value is not balanced, you will waste fertilizers and the plant may still show signs of deprivation.

The recommended PH value of the fertilizer mixture added to the soil is 6.2 +/-.
The recommended PH value of a mixture of fertilizers added to the hydroponic system is 5.8 +/-.

IMPORTANT: According to Austrian legislation, cannabis plants that would contain more than 0,3% THC in the flowering phase should not be allowed to bloom or, the purpose is solely horticulture (see Terms of Service), so the instructions are intended only for vegetables, trees, industrial hemp and other authorized traditional and exotic plants.