BIOBIZZ organic fertilizers and soil

BIOBIZZ fertilizers are the basis for any organically oriented gardener.


We decided for BIOBIZZ to offer extremely high quality and environment friendly biologically certified fertilizers. We did not add ROOTS, TOPMAX and BIO HEAVEN to the range of BIOBIZZ fertilizers, because APTUS STARTBOOSTER APTUS TOPBOOSTER, APTUS FULVIC BLAST and APTUS HUMIC BLAST are a cheaper alternative with the same features, and ACTI VERA is a product where we didn’t experience a visible benefit.

IMPORTANT: According to Austrian legislation, cannabis plants that would contain more than 0,3% THC in the flowering phase should not be allowed to bloom or, the purpose is solely horticulture (see Terms of Service), so the instructions are intended only for vegetables, trees, industrial hemp and other authorized traditional and exotic plants.

50 liter bags (7 kg)

Price: 12 € (includes VAT)

It is a substrate that provides nutrients sufficient for the first weeks of growth, during which time NPK fertilizers need not be used. Unlike BIOBIZZ ALL MIX, LIGHT MIX contains less nutrients, which means that you can not easily overfertilise (oversalt). We think it’s better to add, than to take away, and LIGHT MIX is also more friendly to your wallet. It contains perlite, which makes your soil aerated and lighter, allowing a better development of the roots and easier absorption of nutrients. We recommend adding APTUS STARTBOOSTER from the beginning.


Light mix can be re-used, it is recommended to replace it with 30% new soil. You can re-use the soil up to trice. In doing so, care should be taken not to persevere with soil and to water for one week with APTUS HUMIC BLAST and METROP ENZYM + to create the appropriate microflora. When replacing the soil, add as much fresh soil, so the new roots are not in immediate contact with the re-used soil.


It is recommended that you plant the seedlings first in small pots, then transplant them into larger and larger ones.

Watering in pots

Pour only as much as the root system needs, start with the minimum. If the soil is too wet all the time, the plant will not be able to absorb nutrients and will show signs of deprivation. If you additionally fertilize, you will shock the plant and it will take a long time to recover or to dry with immediate action (rinsing). Water as much as the plant (overall conditions) would us up within 2-3 days, the soil must not be wet when you water again. To check the humidity, slide your finger a few centimeters below the surface and evaluate if there is still enough moisture.

0,5 l – 6,90 € (contains 20% VAT)
1l – 9.60 € (contains 20% VAT)
5l – 41.90 € (contains 20% VAT)

Consumption: 2-4 ml / liter of water

Bio Grow Biobizz is an organic 8-2-6 NPK fertilizer and liquid growth promoter. Its composition activates bacteria in the soil, which allows the plant to grow faster and ensures extensive blooming.

Indispensable all the time.


Start with 2 ml / l and gradually raise up to 4 ml / l throughout the growth and maturation phase. Start using 2 weeks after transplanting into BIOBIZZ LIGHT MIX, as it already contains nutrients for the start of growth. We recommend using APTUS STARTBOOSTER immediately after transplanting, as it will ensure rapid root development.

How it works

Bio Grow is made from 100% organic beet extract (molasses). Natural sugar and potassium activate the bacterial flora in the substrate, which ensures faster growth, an abundant harvest and a tasty crop.

0,5 l – 6,90 € (contains 20% VAT)
1l – 12,60 € (contains 20% VAT)
5l – 49.90 € (contains 20% VAT)

Consumption: 2-5 ml / liter of water

Bio Bloom ™ is a liquid organic fertilizer that contains a small amount of nitrogen and enough phosphorus and potassium to provide lush flowers. Trace elements and hormones of plant origin are also added. Bio Bloom ™ also contains enzymes and amino acids, which together help to promote flowering and fruit production. It is an independent fertilizer used in soil or with coco-fibers.
In addition, Bio Bloom ™ provides stable stems and a strong plant!

Application: Throughout the flowering period of plants.

0.5 l- 11.90 € (contains 20% VAT)
1 l – 17.90 € (contains 20% VAT)
5 l – 76.90 € (contains 20% VAT)

Consumption: At each watering 2 – 5 ml per 1 L of water or foliar application – spraying (1 – 3 ml per 1 L of water).

Natural concentrate from cold pressed seaweed, which has an invigorating effect on plants. It contains a high content of micro elements, hormones, amino acids and vitamins. Improves growth, resistance to diseases and regeneration of the plant.

Usage: In the case of foliar application, it applies directly to the leaves (both upper and lower sides of leaves). It is used as an addition to other nutrients during the vegetation period and the flowering of the plant. It can be used on outdoor and indoor surfaces and on all types of breeding media.

We use Alg-a-Mic for breeding mother plants, both foliar and watering.

0.5 l- 6.90 € (contains 20% MwSt)
1 l – 11.90 € (contains 20% MwSt)

Consumption: for watering 2-4 ml / l of water (in a medium such as BIOBIZZ Light Mix); for spraying 1-2 ml / l

Fish Mix ™ has always been a loyal friend to the gardener, promoting bacterial flora and accelerating growth. It is a mixture of organic emulsion of fish from the North Sea together with a red beet extract. It contains amino acids, B vitamins and many rare but necessary elements.

Fish Mix promotes the growth of all living organisms in the substrate. Improved is the reproduction of micro-organisms and useful bacteria, thereby improving the quality of the soil, which ensures the plant’s ability to absorb natural mineral substances. After a few days of using the Fish Mix Fertilizer is also used to recover the soil.

Usage: In the case of foliar application, it applies directly to the leaves (both upper and lower sides of leaves). It is used as an addition to other nutrients during the vegetation period and the flowering of the plant. It is used more often for external than internal growing.