Industrial hemp cuttings (high CBD, THC <0.2 / 0.3%) CBD hemp cuttings


Selected CBD hemp cuttings, please click for a list of varieties



IMPORTANT: selling in accordance with the austrian law. It’s prohibited to grow cannabis with the intention of producing a drug (see Terms of Service). The instructions are intended only for vegetables, trees, industrial hemp and other authorized traditional and exotic plants. The information about cannabis (plants, seeds) is intended only for collecting purposes for the conservation of genetics. You are responsible for complying with your home country law.

In the spring season, we offer industrial cannabis cuttings with high CBD content and low THC values (<0.2 /<0.3%). Cuttings are carefully selected and ready for immediate planting in the garden or field.

We offer small cuttings on the cube or larger in 0.5l pots in the soil.

Quantity discounts. Price 4,50€ – 9,50€.

Please mail us for an offer: or phone us: +43 (0) 681 103 878 25 (you can reach us in our working hours).

Due to high demand, we ask for reservations.

Name CBG CBD THC Suitable for
Eleta Kampan weiss ? 8,17 0,29 Outdoor / Glasshouse
CBG Skunk 11 11 1 0,08 Indoor / Outdoor / Glasshouse

* purchase and use only in accordance with Austrian law