Guano Organics ALL-IN-ONE NPK + Mo Bat fertilizer

Much easier than liquid fertilizer.


1 kg PELETS – 8,90€ (incl. 20% VAT)
3 kg PELETS – 19,90€ (incl. 20% VAT)

Guano organics bat Guano is a super fertilizer, ECOCERT certified to use in organic farming. It contains macro and micro elements as well as beneficial micro-organisms that cannot be duplicated by a chemical fertilizer. When used correctly it is practically impossible to inflict your plants with accidental nutrient burn. Its long-lasting positive effects deliver a healthy investment.

IMPORTANT: According to Austrian legislation, cannabis plants that would contain more than 0,3% THC in the flowering phase should not be allowed to bloom or, the purpose is solely horticulture (see Terms of Service), so the instructions are intended only for vegetables, trees, industrial hemp and other authorized traditional and exotic plants.


As a substitute for most other liquid fertilizers / nutrients and microelements.


Mix in the soil for transplantation at a dose of 100 g / 10 liters of soil. If you are adding to older plants, then put two handfuls on the surface near the stem. In the ripening phase, additional use of CVETKO or APTUS TOPBOOSTER and APTUS K-BOOST fertilizers is recommended.

Exceptional as guano tea for watering!

Watering with guano tea is recommended once a week. For 10 liters of water you will need one yogurt bowl of GUANO ORGANICS PELLETS. Let the water stand for 24 hours to de-chlorination, then add the GUANO ORGANICS PELETS and mix well. Use the aquarium air pump to create the best conditions for the preparation of nutrients. Pellets must dissolve within 24 hours, if not, mix. Use the mixture for watering and spraying.


N – 2,5% – 5%
P2O2 – 8% – 12%
K2O – 1% – 1,5%

Organic matter: 19%-25%
ph 4,6 – 6,5
Humidity 10% – 15%

Microflora 2,5 x 103 – 1,8 x 106 u.f.c./gr

Gain in end product

Cereals: 10-20%
Hemp: 30-50%
Young fruit trees: 10-20%
Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes: 25-35% (the product is more colorful, juicy and tasty)
Garlic: flavor and structure
Onions: increase in size and intensity of taste
Herbs: better smell, taste and increased growth after cutting
Lawn: more intense color, the roots are deeper, the plants are more resistant to drought
Flowers: more flowers, more intense scent


Do not breathe in dust particles from the nutrient.