METROP – concentrated liquid fertilizers

Metrop is not just a "nutrient" but a concentrated fertilizer that is easy to use in all types of media, both watering and foliar.


It’s not just a nutrient but a concentrated fertilizer with all the necessary micro and macro elements

Metrop has introduced a new generation of liquid bio-mineral fertilizers, which has been appreciated and trusted by experienced experts in the Netherlands for years, but also used by amateur producers of hydroponic and soil-based gardens. With liquid fertilizer Metrop each plant reaches its highest potential.

Fertilizer Metrop – saves money

Concentrated liquid fertilizer Metrop is made from the best macro and microelements, and these high-quality raw materials make all Metrop fertilizers suitable for all media. If you grow on soil, coco-fibers or hydroponic. For loving personal or professional cultivation.

IMPORTANT: According to Austrian legislation, cannabis plants that would contain more than 0,3% THC in the flowering phase should not be allowed to bloom or, the purpose is solely horticulture (see Terms of Service), so the instructions are intended only for vegetables, trees, industrial hemp and other authorized traditional and exotic plants.


The use is simple. Only an organised fertilization schedule is required, depending on the medium in which the plants grow. It is important that the PH value of the mixture of fertilizers is always lower than 6.5. You can find a schedule on the METROP page

MR1, MR2 and CalGreen can also be used foliar 5ml / liter of water.

Metrop fertilizers provide healthy and fast growing plants. Experts in the field of hydroponic farming know that the liquid Metrop manure is well balanced, biodegradable and does not leave any sediments behind. Thus, in hydroponic as well as in intensive soil cultivation, there is a need for critical elements in the growth medium, which are often lacking. These substances can be achieved only by deep plowing in terrestrial farming or obtained from the sea.

Metrop MR1 for growth
NPK 10-40-20

MR1 is a superior and unsurpassable fertilizer, with a high content of NPK bio-minerals and natural extracts. The MR1 fertilizer has a high content of phosphorus (P) which helps to develop a comprehensive root system. Added potassium (K) gives each plant more strength and better health. Metrop MR1 is biodegradable.

Metrop MR2 for flowering
NPK 10-20-40

MR2 is a fertilizer that enhances flowering. A unique combination of NPK values, together with PK between 16 and 25, will allow you to produce high yields. High-quality MR2 oligo- and micro-elements, such as magnesium (Mg0) for optimal chlorophyll, give your plants an explosion of flowers!

Metrop Calgreen

Calgreen blend is an important catalyst for the plants cell walls, since cell walls are stronger and more durable after use, and consequently the fruits
stronger and bigger. Because your plants are healthy and strong, Calgreen provides 80% protection against most mold, pests and rotting-related diseases. Calgreen can also be used as a superior leaf spray.

Metrop ROOT +
Biological stimulator for root development and growth

The world’s purest and best product for roots, ROOT + is a high quality nutrient and accelerator for absorption of vitamins that accelerates and
provides additional growth of root hair and absorption into the root system and stem. Together with other METROP preparations, ROOT + helps to develop beautiful white roots that have many root basins that absorb energy.

Metrop AminoXtrem
Stimulator for sprouting and blooming

AminoXtrem stimulates the explosive formation of large buds and extensive root growth, and stimulates the plant’s own hormones in the formation of leaves and fruits. AminoXtrem contains unique amino acids that are produced by “biosynthesis”. AminoXtrem in combination with Metrop MR2 (PK 16-25) potentiates the photosynthesis process, which ensures a high amount of sugars in the plants juice.

Metrop MAM
NPK 20-20-8 + TE

MAM is the first and only fertilizer that is specially developed for mother plants. The equilibrium of the NPK and the elements is made up of your parent plant that enables a healthy and an extensive production of clones. MAM provides you with cuttings that are resistant, more lively and healthy, and consequently those excellent cuttings also can be stored for a longer period of time.

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